Redia Lur

"How do I look?"


Age: 26
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Gray


Redia was born when the Clash of the Kings happened. The Clash of the Kings was a astronomical event when two meteors crashed into each other, exactly 20 years after the battle of Gryjelm Hills. Redia is a half-elf with her father being human and her mother being an elf. Born and raised in Orthel by her father. Her mother died when she was young. Redia has a half brother named Soren. Her father is an entertainer for his profession. Always hearing about how beautiful her mother was, she is constantly worrying about how others see her and she tries to live up to those high expectations.
Before her mother died, her parents sent her to Annika Highmore, a well known and talented witch near Orthel, for training in the magical arts. After about two weeks of training, Redia’s mother dies. This distracts Redia and is unable to focus on learning magic. Annika still continues to push Redia but it doesn’t have the effect that Annika would like. Redia becomes more and more angry towards Annika. So one day Redia destroyed all of Annika’s potion making materials and ran away.
Shortly after she ran away Redia encountered Nightmare Priestly being chased by the local authorities. Nightmare is a local criminal. For some strange reason, she felt like she really wanted to help him but had no idea how. An eidolon felt that urge that Redia had and formed a bond with her. Shortly after that experience, the eidolon appeared to her.

Redia Lur

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