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  • Celestial Guardian Cities

    *Netalamin* Netalamin is the capital city of the Celestial Guardians. It is the place where the Overseer dwells. The Overseer lives in the Celestial Fortress on the North part of the city. The Fortress is guarded by a Dragonborn army. The Rift Sealers …

  • Celestial Guardians

    The Celestial Guardians is a neutral faction that is trying to keep the Army and the Brotherhood from all out war. The war would destroy the land of Kathalia and would kill many of its inhabitants.

  • The Overseer

    The Overseer lives in Netalamin. He is the leader of the Celestial Guardians. No one has ever really seen him. But he makes sure that the Army or the Brotherhood doesn't get out of hand and cause much bloodshed.