Tag: Head of House


  • Khilen Czorin

    Khilen is a very aggressive but subtle human. Ever since the Army has killed his father in the Battle of Gryjelm Hills, he has held a grudge and vows to destroy every last creature that swears allegiance to the Army. He has recruited the help of two other …

  • Zanijen Tyviergos

    Zanijen Tyviergos is Head of House Tyviergos and is over the Ambassadors of the Army. They oversee relations with other factions and groups and try to assist in anyway possible. Zanijen is very well mannered and is very talented in communication skills. …

  • Corvan Tucaara

    Elf. Married to Casleanani with two children. Ril-Galas 51. Cecyla 73. Corvan is the head of the Seekers. His goal is to reveal the evil that the Agents are doing to bring knowledge to all and to show the evil of the Brotherhood.

  • Aror Salvorg

    [[File:493802 | class=media-item-align-center | Aror_Salvorg.jpg]]Dwarf. Enforcer leader. Married to Nuralin with one child. Ragnus 35. Aror is a ruthless warrior. He was asked by [[:khilen-czorin | Khilen Czorin]] to help create a group to conquer the …