Kathalian History

The Kathalians measure time by EN (Establishment of Netalamin). There are twelve months in the year.

Month 1: Joxad
Month 2: Fresi
Month 3: Meord
Month 4: Agelk
Month 5: Mehr
Month 6: Jeliht
Month 7: Japem
Month 8: Ajusp
Month 9: Srivolf
Month 10: Ocauh
Month 11: Nemocius
Month 12: Druvelf

EN 0
Joxad: Landed on the continent of Arathaiya.
Fresi-Mehr: Constructed the first settlement of Netalamin.
Jeliht: Some citizens left and formed bandit groups.
Ajusp: Bandit Activity
Srivolf: Bandit Activity
Nemocius: Prepared to face the Okurimm tribe.
Druvelf: Defeated the Okurimm Tribe (Raid of Saer Bay) and witnessed the Star of Stars. A good omen when the stars shine and form a star constellation.

EN 1
Joxad: Expanding Kathalia’s influence.
Fresi: Monster attacks at Hex 8/11 Stampede of angry Rhinoceroses.
Meord: Scholars discovered a little bit of information about the previous inhabitants.
Agelk: Expanding Kathalia’s influence.
Mehr: Constructed another sawmill along with a monastery and graveyard.
Jeliht: Built sawmill, mine, and a monument. The Tyviergos family offered to construct a monument as well.
Japem: Built an additional mine. The townspeople wanted a specific house to be torn down.
Ajusp: The house was torn down and rebuilt to appease the people. A herbalist established a shop and brought in a remarkable scroll.
Srivolf: A mine was constructed.
Ocauh: The castle was constructed. A monster attacked on of the farms but was stopped before too much damage occurred.
Nemocius: The town hall was built.
Druvelf: Scholars continued to find out more info on past inhabitants.

EN 2
Joxad: There was a food shortage but with the extra storage was ok.
Fresi: Defeated the army from the tribe of Doglar. A major crime operation was thwarted in Netalamin. Orthel had it’s first buildings constructed.
Meord: Orthel had it’s first buildings constructed. Doglar village was destroyed.
Agelk: Monster attack.

EN 10
Agelk: Battle of Gryjelm Hills

EN 22
Ocauh: Exos, Malefis, Gwynestri, and Cheryth confront Vyroxel and the Wizard’s Council banish him to another realm.

EN 30
Agelk: Clash of the Kings

Kathalian History

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